Who is God Really?

Some of us are very confident in what we believe and that is a great thing. But some of us are a little confused not knowing where to find God or who God really he is. Does he hear our prayers? Will God answer me? I believe that a relationship with God is what is most important. What you believe might not be what somebody else believes and that is OK. Create your own unique relationship with God. We all have different needs, different hopes and different desires so how can we all have the same relationship with God? I do not think we can. Where is God you ask? He is in your heart. Open your heart today and start on your own personal spiritual journey.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Importance of Faith

Having Faith

Post 1 on creating your relationship with God

I will back track a little from my previous post. I spoke about seeking God when you were feeling down and felt like you had no where else to turn. It is true, most of us seek God when we fell as though we will not make it. When the pressure is so high that we cannot take it anymore. You will realize that at first, you wanted to seek God for selfish reasons. I will admit it. I wanted prayers answered. I wanted what I wanted to happen and I though that finding God was the only way that could happen. Do not worry if you feel like that at first. I believe that is what God wants us to do. We are kind of being selfish. We do come to him because we want and or need something. You will find that that is what God wants in the end. He wants us to be able to come to him for what we need. He wants us to be totally dependent on him. He is there to be our rock and our supporter. But you will find as you grow into your journey that not only will you look to him for all of your problems and your needs, but you will get stronger and stronger in your ability to handle situations that do not turn out the exact way you have hoped for. You will learn that your way is not always the best way. You might think that it is right now, but there are plans that God has for us that we know nothing about. We cannot even imagine what they are. We have to learn to trust that he has our best interest. The impossible is so possible. Having faith is the key. The more you do not see something happening in your life that you want, the more you should pray about it. Do not give up on your dream. That is how the miracles occur. Because your dream no matter how big or small could turn into something more amazing than you ever dreamed of.

Here is an article that I wrote regarding faith.

This is how the bible defines faith

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Do not get me wrong, there are going to be plenty of times when it will be impossible to keep faith, well at least for a little while. You might fight with yourself and try to talk yourself out of beveling that your prayer could be answered, but if what you are hoping for is a true desire then no matter what, it will find its way back to your heart and you will pick yourself up and start having faith once again. (In another post I will discuss your desires and what role they play in our lives).  

How you get to the point of strong faith is really your own journey. You will go through many many different things while you create your relationship with God.
For me I experimented with so many different things. I had doubts and I had moments of excitement. It has been a ride!

In the beginning, I tried contacting angels, I tried reading all I could on the internet, I just wanted to know the right way to talk to God. What I found is that there is no right way. There is only your way. As I discussed in my last post, there are so many different opinions out there, contradicting  options from people of the "same" religion that I was getting extremely confused. I was always questioning myself. I was not sure if God would hear me if I said the wrong words. If I prayed at the wrong time. Do what feels right to you. Your biggest indication of your relationship with God is what you feel in your heart. If it feels right, I believe that it is right. 

There will be times as you grow deeper into your spirituality that you will feel as thought God is not listening or that he has left you. It still happens to me at times. As a matter of fact the past couple of days there were a few moments when I said, why are you not here? But then I remembered that so many times before, the silence was a hint that something wonderful was going to happen. He is working for me you know! Where my eyes cannot see wonderful things are happening and I cannot wait.

To be continued....


  1. This was a great post! Thank you for the encouragement (:

    God Bless You

  2. Furthermore in a physical and mental journey we need to have a purpose why we want to get there, even if it is just to satisfy our curiosity, just to see the place or feel the feelings of those men involved in a story or drama.


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