Who is God Really?

Some of us are very confident in what we believe and that is a great thing. But some of us are a little confused not knowing where to find God or who God really he is. Does he hear our prayers? Will God answer me? I believe that a relationship with God is what is most important. What you believe might not be what somebody else believes and that is OK. Create your own unique relationship with God. We all have different needs, different hopes and different desires so how can we all have the same relationship with God? I do not think we can. Where is God you ask? He is in your heart. Open your heart today and start on your own personal spiritual journey.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to start a relationship with God

I am going to write a series of posts on how I created my relationship with God. I will go through my journey and you will see you are not alone!

So are you ready to start a relationship with God, but really you do not know where to start? You know deep in your heart that you believe in God but that is all you know. Usually if you are seeking God for the first time something has happened in your life in which you need help, guidance and strength.  Well though the event might not be so great you will be pleasantly surprised as to how your life will change once you bring God in.

For me it started when I lost a very important relationship. I was a mess. Could not get out of bed, crying all day and a miserable mess. I needed something. I needed help, courage, encouragement, inspiration and most of all someone to listen. Yes friends and family will listen, but at times you want to let things out that you really do not want others to know. You want to feel unconditional love and need something more powerful than the words "you will be ok".

So that is why I started my wonderful journey with God. I always knew I believed.  I believed that there was a higher power. Someone who had created us and someone who could be there for us in our lives, but that was all I knew. Nothing else. Where would I start? How would I get to know him? Believe me building a strong trusting relationship with God is not something that will happen in a day, a week or even a year, but every day you will learn something new, building up to something like nothing else.

In my post Creating a relationship with God you will see that I am not really going to go into religion. I believe that it is great to have a support group and be around people who believe the same as you do, but I want to talk more about creating your own unique personal relationship with God. What works for some does not work for others.

Back to how I started. Well the first thing that I did was started a journal. I felt like I should write my feelings down and express every emotion that I was having. I would address my entries to God. I was letting him know everything I was feeling. I had no idea if he was paying attention, if he knew what I was feeling I just figured that it would not hurt. I knew I wanted to feel better. Writing can be a very emotional experience. I would be crying my eyes out as I wrote the words on the paper, but I needed a release and that was a great start.

I also began to talk to God. I would just say what I was feeling out loud, hoping that he was listening. At first I never really felt like he was listening or that I was receiving any type of answer. And to be honest I wanted an answer now! I wanted to say God I know you are there. Just answer me. Just give me what I want. I do not want to feel like this anymore. I thought that if I talked to God and believed in him, then I would have access to the magic God button and he would just be there to make everything better the second I asked. Oh was I wrong. That is not the way it will happen at all. But do not get discouraged or disappointed, just know that the journey you will go through will be the biggest learning experience of your life.

After a while, strange things began to happen. I would flip through the TV channels and stop on channels pertaining to God. When I would start to listen I would realize that the topic they were speaking about pertained to my situation. I would hear an answer to a question that I had asked. The first time it happened my eyes opened so wide that I thought my eyeball would pop out. I could not believe it. I was hearing an answer to what I had asked. It was actually very exciting. It did not happen just once, it happened quite often. Other things would happen as well like I would be thinking about something and then turn on the radio. I would then hear a song or someone speaking of the same thing I was thinking about. I started to build some trust. I still had a long way to go, but I knew, I just felt it in my heart that he was there. He was listening and he was letting me know.

OK, now God had got my attention. I would listen to the words very carefully and take in all the inspiration and hope that these "messages" were providing. It was so soothing and calming and I started to feel better. As time went on I began to go to the library and take out books regarding inspiration, spirituality, hope and faith. I was studying and learning about God, who he was, what he does for us. At this point what I really needed was encouragement and I certainly was getting that.

I new that I needed to grow spiritually and I new that I had a lot to learn but I knew I was on my way. It was actually something that I became very passionate about. My heart just felt different. I felt different. Though I did not totally understand everything, I started to feel safer than I have ever felt before.

To be continued...

If you are interested in watching or reading up on people who can provide you with great inspiration, the two shows that I started to watch the most often were Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. I just felt a connection to those programs. They might help you or my might find something that you are connected to more. Remember this is your journey.

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