Who is God Really?

Some of us are very confident in what we believe and that is a great thing. But some of us are a little confused not knowing where to find God or who God really he is. Does he hear our prayers? Will God answer me? I believe that a relationship with God is what is most important. What you believe might not be what somebody else believes and that is OK. Create your own unique relationship with God. We all have different needs, different hopes and different desires so how can we all have the same relationship with God? I do not think we can. Where is God you ask? He is in your heart. Open your heart today and start on your own personal spiritual journey.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Healing our Youth Ministry Program

Training Program for Guiding our Youth

I found this program and I believe that it can be a valuable resource for churches or individual leaders who have the desire to help our youth. This is a full training guide it will help teach you how to bring healing to your students.

We are all aware that life hurts, and are aware that God heals this pain, but there are a lot of misguided kids and teens out there who can use your help!

Life Hurts God Heals Bundle - Physical

Life Hurts God Heals Bundle - Physical
The Life Hurts God Heals Bundle includes everything you 
need to start a healthy Life Hurts God Heals ministry! 
Life Hurts God Heals Life Hurts God Heals is a 
completely comprehensive resource you can use
 to launch and run a ministry specifically to bring 
healing to these students. It includes all the curriculum 
you will need for leaders and participants, 
as well as all the behind the scenes stuff to help 
with everything from recognizing danger signs in 
teens to how to get this program up and 
running in your church. Included are: 16 practical 
resources on starting a Life Hurts God Heals ministry 
DVD with student testimonies about the 
Life Hurts God Heals program Leader Guides in 
PDF and Word formats Student Workbooks (13 lessons) 
in PDF and Word formats Eight 30-minute 
sermons by Doug Fields in MP3 format 
Teaching transcripts of each sermon 
Student devotionals and journals Follow-up 
support group study Promotional 
materials, including sample parent letters, 
brochures, calendars, and more 
Administrative materials, including welcome signs, 
consent forms, graduation certificates, and more 
Every element of this resource with the exception of the 
student testimonies is completely open for you to
 reproduce and edit for use in your ministry. 
We want you to be completely empowered and 
as effective as possible as you reach out to your students 
in need. Life Hurts God Heals Leader's Video Training 
Kit Packed inside this DVD is a comprehensive training 
program on how to implement Life Hurts God Heals 
within your ministry. With over two hours of video 
training from Megan Hutchinson
(Life Hurts God Heals champion), 
you'll learn how to start your program, 
support your participants, and work 
with leaders. Also included is a 
PowerPoint presentation to help you 
teach this same material to leaders 
in your group along with a bunch of 
reproducible handouts and forms. 
From day one to long-term health--it's all in here. 
Grab a copy and get started on your
 Life Hurts God Heals ministry today! 3 Sessions by 
Megan Hutchinson:
 Life Hurts God Heals Training Introduction 
(13 min) Understanding Students in the 
Trenches (65 min) Leadership 
and Legalities

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